The Nature of Business

A new book from BCI's Giles Hutchins

Project Description

A perfect storm of social, economic and environmental factors mean increased volatility for our working environments. In these transformational times our organisations are being challenged to ‘redesign for resilience’ .

Giles Hutchins in his book ‘The Nature of Business’ (Amazon UK & US) explores how organisations that seek out opportunities in these challenging times by redesigning for resilience are best able to survive and thrive the volatile times ahead. Firms of The Future are Businesses Inspired by Nature, applying ecological thinking for radical transformation at all levels of organisational design and behaviour.

To read insights from The Nature of Business book and take part in the growing debate about ‘The Nature of Business’ and Business Inspired By Nature , please see Giles Hutchins’ blogs at the Nature of Business, and his blogs for The Guardian Sustainable Business.

To learn more about how your organisation can become a Firm of The Future, click here.

If you have read the book and would like to contact the author, Giles Hutchins, please email him at:

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