The Do Lectures

Talks that inspire action

Project Description

“The idea is a simple one— that people who Do things can inspire the rest of us to go and Do things, too. So each year we invite a set of people down here to come and tell us what they Do.”

Designed to spread the ideas that spark change, the Do Lectures are a deeply rooted series of talks that run annually on the west coast of Wales and in California. Around 100 people from design, science, government, business and community gather at aesthetically inspired venues for conversations and action that can change the world. BCI’s Andy Middleton is a founding partner of the Do Lectures, using biomimicry principles to grow the event and it’s impact. Denise DeLuca ran a much talked biomimicry event at the Do Lectures in Wales before her move back to the USA.

To learn more about this unique event, click HERE.

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