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Denise DeLuca’s Re-Aligning with Nature takes readers aspiring for radical social and business solutions on a direct and simple path to real change: Nature’s Path. In this clear, direct, illustration-driven book, DeLuca lays out the core issues of why we are in danger due to being out of alignment with Nature and how re-aligning with Nature can save the planet.

Long ago, we humans lived in alignment with nature. As we discovered how to exploit nature’s resources as well as human resources, life became easier and more comfortable (especially for the few), but we became detached from nature and our own human spirit.

We are now realizing that ecosystems are being destroyed, species are going extinct, and the earth is heating up. But giant companies, governments, and other organizations are sluggish and can’t respond to change fast enough. We are in trouble.

Luckily we are re-discovering how to copy strategies from nature to create innovative and sustainable technologies. That is a very good thing; however, it’s not enough. In addition to re-aligning what we make and how we make things with nature, we need to re-align ourselves with nature and our own human nature. We need to recognize and re-capture our natural paradigm.

Radical? Absolutely. Hard? It’s much easier than you’d think. Worth it? Releasing ourselves from the constraints of conventional constructs will release the power of our imaginations, release our collective curiosity and creativity, and make the impossible, possible.

Welcome to the real ‘real world’.

Visit the book website here.

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  • Date May 2, 2016
  • Tags Business Transformation
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