Transforming from a Business Shaped by Conventional Thinking to a Business Inspired by Nature requires a lot of letting go.  Letting go of old (and often inaccurate) assumptions, letting go of the (delusion of) safely provided by rigid organizational structures and job titles, letting go of (a false sense of) control, letting go of the past.  The process of letting go and moving ahead into the unknown (and unknowable) is incredibly scary, but it is also incredibly freeing and empowering.

The fledgling bird must feel much the same way as it jumps (or is pushed) out of the nest the first time, before it gets the hang of — and the what must be the delirious joy of — flying free, fit for purpose into the future.

We all must have felt that way prior to being expelled from the quiet dark warm womb and into the chaotic bright cold world.  Was it wonderful and safe in there?  Yes, indeed.  Did you have the choice to stay?  No, indeed not.  Your body and your mother’s body were changing and growing, and without the radical transition of birth, neither of you would survive.  Before that necessary radical transition, however, there was a magic collaborative transformation that prepared both you and your mother for what was needed ahead.   And once you got the hang of it, the chaotic bright world became an exciting and fantastic place. To you, that’s when life really began!  And as you grew up, you kept taking on new challenges and accomplishing new things.  You left the safety of the known and entered a positive virtuous cycle of curiosity, inspiration, motivation, growth, and understanding.

Your business cannot remain in the womb forever.  Your employees, consumers, supply chain, communities, technolgies – your world — is changing rapidly and you need to change with it or you will not survive.   Fledging your business into a Business Inspired by Nature requires a lot of letting go and a lot of courage, but as you take that first jump and begin to fly free you will recognize that is when life really begins.