Communication Rather Than Conflict

My son (who is on school holidays and spending way too much time online) wanted me to watch a YouTube video about a panda bear doing a handstand. Thinking it was a zoo trick I was going to ignore the request, but ended up watching it anyway.  I soon learned that this was a wild panda and was doing a handstand in order to mark a tree with his scent.  It turns out that bamboo, which is the sole component of the panda’s diet, is not very caloric, so it is important that pandas conserve energy.  This includes avoiding conflict with neighboring pandas with whom they must share limited bamboo resources. Instead of fighting for territory, the pandas communicate with each other to sort out who’s who and who gets what.

Most of us were taught that nature is all about competition, which tends to imply fighting to determine winners and losers.  As the panda knows, fighting is a resource-intensive way to compete.  When resources are limited, perhaps businesses could learn from the panda how to use communication rather than conflict to sort themselves out.   (And we’d all enjoy watching people in business suits doing handstands…..)