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We are an international network of leading thinkers, practitioners and change agents.

What We Are About

BCI is a network of creative innovators, professional change agents, biologists and design professionals who work in creative collaboration with each other and our clients to apply ecological thinking for radical transformation. At the heart of our work is a shared passion for creating brilliant, resilient, values-led human systems that are aligned with nature’s ecosystems. It’s what we call Business Inspired by Nature.

We call ourselves BCI (Biomimicry for Creative Innovation) because our creative innovation emerges from biomimicry, the practice of creating solutions inspired by nature. You may be familiar with the application of biomimicry to the design of products (Velcro, bullet train); however, our focus is on the very heart of your business and organization — your interactions, your roles and relationships, your organizational structure, your core vision and values – and on facilitating your redesign for resilience. 

Ready to Transform?

Whether you just want to take a few steps to learn more, or are ready to radically transform your business, we can facilitate and catalyze the steps in your journey. BCI combines its diverse expertise into four distinct areas of focus to aid organizational transformation in volatile times: Business Transformation, Capacity Building, Events, and Outreach 

Transforming your business requires understanding why you are doing what you are doing, knowing where you need to go, and the ability to realize your vision.  BCI works with you by taking a holistic co-creative approach that ensures you are not only informed and inspired but also equipped and empowered to gain both immediate and lasting value from your transformation journey.
Perhaps you are already inspired and understand where you want to go, and are now seeking the skills and capacity to make it happen.  Or perhaps you aren’t clear on the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’ of business inspired by nature, but recognize the immediate value of developing skills in co-creativity, innovative thinking, and biomimetic design.  No matter your starting point or goals, BCI will work with you to build your capacity to be a more adaptive, resilient, and continually innovative business.
If you’re interested in introducing Inspired by Nature concepts or tools to a large or small group, BCI has a highly experienced and unique network of speakers, facilitators, and educators to provide inspiring and informative lectures, workshops, classes, and retreats.   We are happy to conduct events onsite, or work with our global network to setup an unforgettable immersion experience.
In addition to the articles, papers, and videos provided on our Resources pages, BCI creates bespoke and interactive packages of outreach materials to address your specific learning outcomes, facilitating your independent and transformation journey.

Our Engagement Process

Our engagement process is built on the principle of emergent abundance. We thrive when we help you and your organization thrive by meeting short-term needs while building long-term capacity for continuous value-generation that is inspired by and in harmony with nature.

If you are interested in becoming a business inspired by nature, we will leverage our network of thought leaders, professional change agents, biologists, and design professionals to facilitate your journey by delivering inspiring events, creating outreach and education materials, building capacity, or guiding your unique business transformation.

If you are interesting in joining our network, we will co-create conditions to support, foster, and facilitate your success in forwarding our shared ideals. Our dynamic adaptive ecosystem supports a growing network of synergistic value-generating relationships that are aligned with our shared vision and values. We want to support you because we recognize that the well-being of our ecosystem depends on the well-being of each member, and that the well-being of each member depends on the well-being of the ecosystem.

What Our Clients Say

The BCI workshop led by Denise DeLuca showed us how to apply right-brain thinking to approach left-brain problems, providing a fully integrated thought process that can be used for tackling virtually any kind of design or scenario with new insights.
Design Engineer. Aerospace Industry
Engaging with Denise and BCI has been a truly empowering experience for us. We enjoyed and felt profoundly inspired during the process of becoming a business inspired by nature. We are now ready to inspire, connect, and empower social and female entrepreneurs who feel strongly the need to be driven by ecological thinking, creativity, and a sense of emergent abundance in their work and business.
Carolina Oro, Federica Spaziani, and Camilla Giulia Gianolo.   Co-Founders of Betulla Natural Business Intelligence
BCI have provided an extremely important new dimension to the work I have been doing teaching business strategy and change management in Brazil. The Principles of Nature framework is really helping people and organisations evolve their strategic thinking and move from business-as-usual to business inspired by nature and a more sustainable and resilient future. 
Maria Auxiliadora Amiden Robinson. Director of Education, Symnetics Brasil
At Atos we recognize that the current volatile times call for transformations at all levels of the organization, from infrastructure and processes to people and culture. Under the inspirational guidance of Giles (BCI) we pioneered the Firm of the Future approach and engaged our clients and partners on this exploratory path to a more sustainable and agile business ecosystem.
Marianne Hewlett. Senior Vice President, Atos International
Thanks, Denise. This is the best retreat we’ve ever had.
Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, University of Washington
Wonderful, informative, fun, insightful, inspiring. Denise gave me a whole new way of thinking. | I found Denise’s workshop to be interesting, engaging, inspiring, provocative — and I want more. | Awesome! Wow – what a great set of practical and understandable tools to shift the dialogue within a company culture.
Pinchot, OSR Program workshop series participants
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