Ecological Thinking for Radical Transformation

BCI is offering a radical new way of doing business; a way that is both inspired by and in harmony with
nature. It is an approach that we call Business Inspired by Nature. Curious? We welcome you to begin
your journey by exploring the concepts, ideas, and tools on our Resources page.

Some of our Projects

Voices From the Field


Yes, it’s FREE! 4-Week Online Biomimicry Course

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Courageous Natural Leadership

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Bio-Inspired Buzzwords: Biomimicry and Biomimetics

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Ready to Transform?

Whether you just want to take a few steps to learn more, or are ready to radically transform your business, we can facilitate and catalyze the steps in your journey. BCI combines its diverse expertise into four distinct areas of focus to aid organizational transformation in volatile times: Business Transformation, Capacity Building, Events, and Outreach 

Transforming your business requires understanding why you are doing what you are doing, knowing where you need to go, and the ability to realize your vision.  BCI works with you by taking a holistic co-creative approach that ensures you are not only informed and inspired but also equipped and empowered to gain both immediate and lasting value from your transformation journey.
Perhaps you are already inspired and understand where you want to go, and are now seeking the skills and capacity to make it happen.  Or perhaps you aren’t clear on the ‘whys’ and ‘whats’ of business inspired by nature, but recognize the immediate value of developing skills in co-creativity, innovative thinking, and biomimetic design.  No matter your starting point or goals, BCI will work with you to build your capacity to be a more adaptive, resilient, and continually innovative business.
If you’re interested in introducing Inspired by Nature concepts or tools to a large or small group, BCI has a highly experienced and unique network of speakers, facilitators, and educators to provide inspiring and informative lectures, workshops, classes, and retreats.   We are happy to conduct events onsite, or work with our global network to setup an unforgettable immersion experience. Read about our current and past events here.  
In addition to the articles, papers, and videos provided on our Resources pages, BCI creates bespoke and interactive packages of outreach materials to address your specific learning outcomes, facilitating your independent and transformation journey.

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