Circular Economy: Economy Inspired by Nature

BCI’s tagline is “ecological thinking for radical transformation”.  It is a big ask of business as it requires new business models as well as ulimately transforming our whole economic system. Like nature, it can seem overwhelmingly complex; however, it is based on a set of very simple principles.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has just announced publication of a new report they commisioned called ‘Towards the Circular Economy’.  The concept of a Circular Economy is based on the simple ecological principle of continually cycling materials.  MacArthur believes that products should be made so that they are easy to disassemble in order to re-cycle the parts inside.  She claims that a circular economy, could mean savings of $630bn for Europe alone.

We encourage you to explore this approach and take a look at the report.  You can find a BBC interview with Ellen MacArthur here and the new report here.